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Web Site Design

Is your web site design getting stale? Does your design and site structure allow you to adapt new strategies or products easily, as your business grows? HostWorks’ design process applies dynamic technologies to each site we develop so you avoid these issues. Here are a few common elements we address for each of our design and development projects:

Corporate Identity: We will incorporate colors, fonts and graphics from corporate standards ino web site
Logo: Develop colors, images, and other elements to represent company theme
Interactive Development: Flash, AIR and Actionscript development
Color Reproduction: Web-friendly color-palette, consistent between PC and Mac
Site Layout: Site architecture, CSS, site map, database calls, administrable areas, and more
Quick Load: Design and graphic elements load to cache minimizing wait time
Express Prototyping: First-round prototype incorporating all elements
Comprehensive Browser Testing: Colors, fonts and javascripting designed for all major browsers

HTML5 (the 5th version of the popular HTML markup language) features new video, audio, and canvas elements, and scalable vector graphics content. Utilizing the combination of flexible web design techniques, HTML5 and CSS3, the ramification is that this approach makes the website render better in cross-platform mobile applications. 

Need to update your company's web design? Contact us at sales@hostworks.com or call 303.539.1839 today.

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