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Email Defense & Message Archiving

HostWorks, through its partnership with MX Logic, offers a strong defensive product that protects you against spam and viruses. You control what drops into your mailbox, not the spammers. Actual daily impact on your time is minimal. You set up the interval by which you want to receive a spam report. At the agreed interval you receive an email showing all captured emails, the sender, the subject line and the arrival date. You can eliminate them in one keystroke or select which messages to allow.

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MX Logic® Email Defense Service
Antisocial Security.
With a spam blocking rate of over 99% and more than 20 layers of email filtration the odds of breaching security in the MX Logic Email Defense Service is virtually nil. Trust us for top tier anti-spam, anti-worm, and anti-virus protection.

MX Logic® Message Archiving Service
Cache in the Memory Bank.
Let's set the records straight. When it comes to storing, monitoring, and retrieving email, no one's faster, more efficient, or more cost-effective than MX Logic. Unlimited storage and effortless retrieval are just the beginning.

MX Logic® Web Defense Service
Mission: Control. Discourage unauthorized employee Web surfing while halting disruptive and costly threats from spyware, viruses, and phishing attacks. With the MX Logic Web Defense Service, you're in control.

MX Logic® Disaster Recovery Services
When All Else Fails, We Won't.
Don't let server outages shut you down or threaten you with information loss. MX Logic® Message Continuity and the MX Logic® Fail Safe Service keep you up, running, and connected to your employees and customers—no matter what.

MX Logic® Service Bundles
Complete Coverage, Designed for Your Business. Strengthen your overall online security by combining the power of MX Logic email, Web, and email archiving services. MX Logic offers three specially-priced Service Bundles to provide the right amount of protection for your organization.

As one of the first MX Logic partners and having tested many of the spam services, we feel confident that this is finest suite of managed security services available. HostWorks can support you with this product no matter what size company you are and it is available even if your email or domain isn't hosted with HostWorks. Interested? Please contact us at sales@hostworks.com or by calling 303.539.1839.


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